CheatSheetCeption: Cheat Sheet of Cheat Sheets

I have compiled several cheatsheets for work in this post, covering important stuff such as Vim, CLI, Anaconda, Git, Numpy, Matplotlib, PyTorch, Docker, and AWS-CLI. Enjoy your Swiss Army Knife!


We should admit that It is hard to learn Vim. This cheat sheet will be a life savior, and especially you forgot to exit Vim 😀

Command-line Environment

Git-Tower’s cheat sheet covers most of the things for CLI but missing some handy tricks like using aliases and sending signals to processes

For these tricks, I can recommend The Missing Semester of Your CS Education course notes from MIT, especially shell tools and command-line environment lectures. 

Anaconda – Python

From the official Anaconda website, this is the cheat sheet that I’ve been using almost daily.


If you are a newbie to Git VCS, these two are very useful while handling operations in a project.

Numpy & Matplotlib & PyTorch

Honestly, I’m not using these, but it can be an excellent decor to any AI-related office 🙂

plus, someone should convert this PyTorch documentation page to a poster.


These are also cool. I’m not a DevOps guy, but these are useful when deploying MVP stuff.


Well, this cheat sheet is very, very good. I think I may not need StackOverflow for AWS-CLI related issues after discovering this 😀

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