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PWC-Net with an Optical Flow 101 Taste

In this blog post, I’ll analyze PWC-Net, which is a CVPR ’18 oral. If someone needs an additional supervision to their model, PWC-Net is a common and natural choice as for now. The implementation can be found in this link. PWC-Net is an end-to-end, well-engineered CNN model for optical flow. The naming of PWC encodes […]

NVAE: A Leap Forward

In this post, I’ll analyze┬áNouveau VAE (NVAE) paper by Arash Vahdat and Jan Kautz. It is a Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) 2020 (spotlight) paper, you can access the paper from this link, and the source code is available. Summary: Nouveau Variational Autoencoder (NVAE) is the first VAE that is capable of generating high-quality images […]

CheatSheetCeption: Cheat Sheet of Cheat Sheets

I have compiled several cheatsheets for work in this post, covering important stuff such as Vim, CLI, Anaconda, Git, Numpy, Matplotlib, PyTorch, Docker, and AWS-CLI. Enjoy your Swiss Army Knife! Vim We should admit that It is hard to learn Vim. This cheat sheet will be a life savior, and especially you forgot to exit […]